Problem with GitLab Runner via SSH


I have a problem using a gitlab-runner that uses ssh as executor.

My gitlab-runner runs as docker container and can successfully connect to the remote server via ssh.
Sadly it doesn’t even start to clone the repository…
Instead this happens:

Running with gitlab-runner 10.0.2 (a9a76a50)
  on ssh-foxbrittle (827cbb1a)
Using SSH executor...
Running on foxbrittle via d6faeeef8fdf...
ERROR: Job failed: Process exited with: 1. Reason was:  ()

My .gitlab-ci.yml file looks currently just like this:

    stage: deploy
        - master
        - foxbrittle
        name: production
        - pwd

Any idea how to debug this?

Okay I just found out that this is because the default shell of the ssh user is NOT /bin/bash.
After I changed it, everything worked perfectly.

I just created a new user that uses bash by default that will do all the deployment work for now.