Problems setting up Gitlab Helm chart on on-prem Rancher with external LB and SSL termination

Hi all,

We’re trying to deploy gitlab using the gitlab helm chart on an on-prem Rancher cluster with an external load balancer with SSL termination.Unfortunately, we’re running into multiple problems and I’m wondering if anyone has already managed to do it?

The Gitlab instance was configured as described in the gitlab docs here for external LB with SSL termination. Initially, the login page displayed nicely but when trying to log in we get a “MIME type” error.
Following this discussion, I added specific headers for .css files and .js files on our LB, which then resulted in a “file not found” error.

It was also suggested somewhere to switch off SSL and listen on port 80 but leave the baseurl at https://gitlab… we haven’t tried that yet.

Any comment/help whould be much appreciated.