Problems upgrading from gitlab-ce-15.6.3

I am attempting to upgrade my Gitlab-CE instance, presently at version 15.6.3 to a newer version. I am running the present Gitlab-CE instance on an ALMA Linux (RHEL-variant) 8.7.

I execute a dnf update (generically against any and all enabled repositories) and the only ones that present new packages are epel-release and gitlab-ce.

The two packages download completely, and then attempt to install but fail due to disk space citing that it only needs 323 MB on the root (/) filesystem. So, I execute a df -h / and determine that I have at least 2.5 GB still available.

Is the error really implying that the package requires greater than 2.8GB? Is this the actual problem?

Thank you.


It probably means you are missing an additional 323MB from the 2.5GB available. So 2.8GB in total needed. To be honest, if you are getting messages like this, your partition is way too small and should be increased a lot more than just a few hundred MB. I would at least have 5-10GB free space, especially since you are unpacking the new package, but then also have other disk space requirements like repositories as well as the postgresql database.