Problems with logging in with OmniAuth

Hi everyone,

I set OmniAuth for GitHub, Twitter, Facebook and Google. However when I try to log in I am getting error messages.
For Twitter:

Could not authenticate you from Twitter because “401 authorization required”.

For GitHub:

Could not authenticate you from GitHub because “Bad verification code: the code passed is incorrect or expired. error=bad verification code&error description=the+code+passed+is+incorrect+or+expired.&error”.

For Facebook:

Could not authenticate you from Facebook because “{“message”=>“this authorization code has been used.”, “type”=>“oauthexception”, “code”=>100, “fbtrace id”=>“dpsxvdglm7z”}:
{“error”:{“message”:“this authorization code has been used.”,“type”:“oauthexception”,“code”:100,“fbtrace id”:“dpsxvdglm7z”}}”.

For Google

Could not authenticate you from GoogleOauth2 because “Invalid grant: code was already redeemed. { “error” : “invalid grant”, “error description” : “code was already redeemed.” }”.

However when I connect any account to an existing user, this user can log in without any problems.
I checked also the server time and it’s correct.

Any ideas what did I wrong?


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