Problems with Unity games project and Gitlab

Hi I’m currently using Gitlab for a unity games project, setup with ssh, LFS, .gitignore for unity and with a fork of the main project which I have setup with a group to share with a programmer.

I was using github as a desktop client but have now moved to source tree due to the issues we have been having.

I’m working with a programmer who is the only person currently working on the branch of the project. (only me and him have access to the branch)
I sent him a working version of the game and gradually more and more things are becoming broken on my end but not his, they where previously working.

Also prefabs that have been created are not carrying across into Unity in the hierarchy of the project but are in the project and are working on his end for example.

I just don’t understand why the two projects cannot be the same after cloning the project again via source tree.

Considering moving to a different version control repository but don’t know if this will solve my problems.

If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile: