Production domain


I’m using auto devops with a base domain of
I want the production domain to be so I used PRODUCTION_ADDITIONAL_HOSTS in ci/cd variable but now I see that the ssl certificate between and are shared, meaning that when you check the certificate in your browser you can see which is not cool because people can guess your auto devops domain.

How can I fix this?


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Thanks for pointing this out! I’m just sorting out this exact issue myself. Looking forward to thoughts on this thread.

using PRODUCTION_ADDITIONAL_HOSTS for my root domain as an environmental variable - even though my gitlab projects are to be hosted on other domains not my root domain.

essentially I am looking to set ssl certificate for., and itself. However these are not projects in this instance of gitlab - will adding PRODUCTION_ADDITIONAL_HOSTS convolute things?

I kinda gave up on this one. To me it’s not a finished product and it’s not really flexible. You don’t have enough control. For example why there is an extra domain created called pointing to the production website ? And in most cases that’s the one you see in the certificated details in the browser and that is showed for any sub domains.

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