Profile Overview Contributions timestamps are 6 hours ahead

In the user profile overview where you see the tiles with contributions, I’m seeing contributions represented 6 hours ahead of when they were placed. So if I made contributions after 6pm on a friday, they are added to the tile for Saturday morning instead. Also when clicking on the tile for a given day, the timestamps reflect that incorrect time. It may be that they are not dynamic, and they’re set to a certain time zone and not local time zone, and I’m just 6 hours behind that statically-used time zone.

GitLab Community Edition 13.1.1 Self managed

Is this issue already reported?

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@dhawkes welcome to the forum and thanks for the question!

That timezone you’re seeing those contributions displayed in is probably UTC. To update the default timezone for your self hosted instance, you can use gitlab_rails['time_zone'] in your gitlab.rb as described here.

Hope that helps :smile: