Programming Languages : is .gitattributes ignored?

The programming languages bar (linguist) is showing the incorrect languages in my gitlab project:

In github it is displayed correctly:

The .gitattributes file contains:

*.groovy linguist-detectable=true
*.js linguist-detectable=false
*.html linguist-detectable=false
*.css linguist-detectable=false
*.xml linguist-detectable=false

which should ignore html, js, css and xml files… yet, it is showing 81% HTML where it should be 99% Groovy.

How can I fix it?

Thank you.



I have the same problem with linguist-detectable=false or -linguist-detectable on GitLab (the second come from linguist/ at master · github/linguist · GitHub)

Are you sure you need *.groovy linguist-detectable=true (it seems it’s already here linguist/languages.yml at master · github/linguist · GitHub)
Have you tried to mark the others as linguist-generated or linguist-documentation ? (edit: linguist-documentation didn’t work either)

Maybe gitlab has an older version of linguist than github…

I’ve noticed within the last 2-3 weeks that the language stats in some of my repos are off: files marked as linguist-generated are now being included in the stats again.

@standage Now that you mention, I remember now that it used to work before. So it must be something broken. Thank you for creating the issue. I will keep track of it.

@tcarne Yes, I don’t think I need *.groovy linguist-detectable=true, but I left it there long time ago and I assume it should not cause any issue. I haven’t tried linguist-generated or linguist-documentation yet. Still, I agree with @standage. Something may be wrong as it should work with linguist-detectable=false and it used to work before.