Project Access Token's – What is the bot accounts mail address domain on GitLab SaaS?

When you create a Project Access Token, behind the scenes GitLab creates a “bot” user / service account which is associated with the project.

According to the documentation, the bot user’s email address will conform to the following format project{project_id}_bot@noreply.{}. This is all fine and works perfectly on our self-hosted instance but we are planning to move to GitLab SaaS in the future.

Am I correct in assuming then on GitLab SaaS the resulting email address for the bot user would be project{project_id}

Currently we are restricting authors email addresses through a push rule using a regex string, hence it will need to be updated in order to allow our bots to perform commits to our projects.

Since this feature is explicitly excluded from the GitLab Ultimate trial and not specified explicitly within the documentation, I’m hoping someone here might be able to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read my question, I really appreciate it! :smile:

Just to confirm, yes the email for the bot user will be project{project_id} Subsequent bots will have a bot count as well: project{project_id}_bot{#}