Project Appears Twice in the Project List

I created the project “shared-laminas-mobile-detect” yesterday, and shortly after renamed it to “shared-laminas-mobiledetect” (no hyphen in the last word).

The project was given ID 553.

Now, when I look at my projects, the above project appears twice.

Both instances link to the same path:


and both have the same ID.

I was able to add the suffix “-- DUPLICATE” to one of them.

The git repository works as it should, but for some reason it appears twice.

When I use the “delete project” function, one instance disappears, as does the entire git repository, but the one entry remains in the project list.

The instance with “-- DUPLICATE” in the title seems to be the dominant one, as it shows up in the activity list, etc.

How do I remove one of the two entries?

I am using the self-hosted GitLab CE 15.9.3 on Debian, but the error also occurred in the previous version.

Thank you in advance.

I was able to solve this myself in the gitlab-rails console:

projects = Project.find_by_sql("SELECT * FROM projects WHERE name LIKE '%shared-laminas-mobiledetect%'")

    #<Project id:611 webdev/shared/shared-laminas-mobiledetect>>, 
    #<Project id:553 webdev/shared/shared-laminas-mobiledetect>>

Then delete the one that does not match ID 553.

project = Project.find_by("id = 611")

This removed the entry without the -- DUPLICATE suffix.

Then I could rename:

shared-laminas-mobiledetect -- DUPLICATE to shared-laminas-mobiledetect using the GitLab GUI.

Problem solved! :slight_smile: