Project does not inherit group variable

There are around 6 projects with CI setup. Since the nature of the projects is very similar, the build and publish process is also almost the same. All projects are under the same group. I have added a variable to the group but few of the projects are unable to use it even though the .yml scripts are the same between projects (only the file names differ). All projects are treated the same in terms of configuration. I tried to compare if there are any differences in configuration but could not really find any.

I would really appreciate if someone could point to the right direction of where the problem might be. I feel that there must be a difference between the projects at some level because the .yml scripts are identical except file names of course. One of them works and the other one doesnt. Thanks

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Hi egis,

For me the reason was, that the variable in the group was exposed only to protected branches.
I.e. to fix you need either to mark your branch as protected in your project or mark the variable as “unprotected” in the group project.