Project <group/project> not found or access denied

Unable to create pipeline

Project `devops/gitlab-ci-templates` not found or access denied! Make sure any includes in the pipeline configuration are correctly defi

I referred to Debugging CI/CD pipelines | GitLab

But my configuration appears correct and I have access to the repo as seen in these screenshots

  # standard gitlab templates from
  - template: Security/Container-Scanning.gitlab-ci.yml
  - template: Security/Dependency-Scanning.gitlab-ci.yml
  - template: Workflows/Branch-Pipelines.gitlab-ci.yml

  - project: 'devops/gitlab-ci-templates'
    ref: main
    # runs secret_detection and semgrep-sast except on tags and releases
    file: '/security/security-base.yaml' GitLab Enterprise Edition 16.7.0-pre

It needed to be project: 'SIMBAChain/devops/gitlab-ci-templates'. I didn’t think I needed to include that first part since it’s the org name. Leaving this up in case someone else runs into it.

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