Project Integrations: Email on Push - I want the Diff on the Tag Push

Unless I was hallucinating, When I checked ONLY the “Tag Push” trigger from the Integration “Emails on Push” I was getting the email announcing the push of the tag AND the DIFF between the new/old files.

Now it only sends an email telling me the Tag has been pushed. I have to also select the “Push” trigger to get a separate email with the DIFFs of the files.

The only recent change has been going from the self managed Ultimate edition trial back to the GitLab Enterprise Edition [12.4.3-ee] (I don’t know what this version means but our trial has ended and we are working on licensing the Self Managed Starter Edition)

There is no documentation that says the Integrations are affected by the version of the software. Can you please tell me if the ability to get the DIFF files on trigger Tag Push only is possible?