Project mirroring is not triggering pipeline automatically

I’m working in a project for setting up gitlab pipelines. Repositories are mirrored from bitbucket and we want to run pipelines automatically after changes are synced.

What’s happening:

  • Setup Bitbucket mirroring
  • Confirmed mirroring is working properly after a push action
  • After changes are mirrored into Gitlab no pipeline is executed and that’s my goal

Desired or expected behavior

  • pipeline should be triggered after mirroring is completed and detect changes in a test branch or even master.

Tests completed

  • Setup “test” branch as default branch in GitLab repository and also, added into “only” keyword for each job
  • Commited directly into “test” branch, mirroring OK, pipeline NOT triggered.
  • Created PR from “test” to “master” and commited into “test” branch, mirroring OK, pipeline NOT triggered.
  • Confirmed Bitbucket webhook is set for PR creation/update/merge and repo push actions.

Additional information

  • Using under a project with Silver license.

What shall I do to get pipeline triggered after a branch is updated because of mirroring?

Thanks in advance!