Projects are missing from search after upgrade to 16.2.1

We’re running an onsite Gitlab Community Edition, and just upgraded from 16.0.x to 16.2.1.
While I like the concept of the new search functionality, when searching for projects, a number of our projects are missing.
Using a /, then :, then typing in the exact name of the project (eg. “hirise”), the search does not show this project.
I first thought that maybe something needs to be reindexed, but seeing as it almost always shows 5 projects, I’m thinking it just picks up to 5 at random.

Is there a way to change (or preferably eliminate completely) this limit of 5?

Although we don’t have that many projects overall, a number of them have characters in common.
Having the search return 5 random projects changes this functionality from something quick and fantastic to practically useless for us.