Prometheus on Gitlab

Hello all,

I would like to monitor Prometheus metrics from a remote Grafana server.

I managed to enable prometheus metrics from gitlab ( admin area > settings > prometheus - metrics)

while trying to enable prometheus templates ( admin area > service templates > prometheus ) I had this error:

"The form contains the following error:

  • Api url is blocked: Requests to localhost are not allowed"

Do you guys know how to solved this ?



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Having the same issue and error when connecting GitLab to Sentry.

Sentry instance is running on the same machine as GitLab is.

Maybe this will be useful for those who faced the same problem.

It can be resolved by enabling local outbound requests.

See the checkbox “Allow requests to the local network from hooks and services” in AdminSettingsNetworkOutbound requests

NB: This may affect your network security. Doublecheck everything.

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