Prometheus self-monitoring metrics dashboard not showing up (Omnibus CE)


I’m working with 2 instances of Gitlab omnibus CE. I have enabled the prometheus self-monitoring project in the admin settings and the gitlab.rb files for both instances, and have found that only one of the instances correctly displays the default ‘Overview’ dashboard as I would expect. I’ll refer to the ‘working’ instance as “instance A” and show a screenshot of it here:

The other instance, which I’ll refer to as “instance B”, doesn’t allow me to select a dashboard and hangs at the “Get started with performance monitoring” page as seen in the screenshot below.

I have copied the .yaml file for the ‘Overview’ dashboard from instance A, and placed in instance B’s self monitoring project in .gitlab/dashboards on the Master branch, yet it is still not possible to select a dashboard on the metrics page. It’s strange, because in my experience, if prometheus is installed but not receiving metrics, the page looks completely different from the screenshot above, and you can at least select a dashboard. It’s worth noting that we keep both instances updated, and I updated both as part of my testing.

The only gitlab.rb setting regarding prometheus for instance A is:
prometheus[‘listen_address’] = ‘’

Whereas, the gitlab.rb settings regarding prometheus for instance B are:
prometheus[‘enable’] = true
prometheus_monitoring[‘enable’] = true
prometheus[‘listen_address’] = ‘’

I added the extra lines to instance B’s gitlab.rb in hopes that prometheus was somehow disabled and I merely needed to re-enable it.

At this point I’m wondering if prometheus was not included in instance B’s omnibus installation for some reason, or removed at some point. I was not the one to install or configure either instance of these instances, so I don’t know if something could have happened in that process. I even spun up a 3rd gitlab omnibus CE instance to see if I could get it working, and easily got the result seen in instance A’s screenshot just by enabling the self-monitoring project in the gitlab admin settings.

If anyone knows anything about this, or can help in any way it would be much appreciated because I’m at a loss.

Thanks for your time if you got this far, and have a great day!