Proper way to resolve a nginx forward issue

I have a self hosted instance of gitlab, and have an issue with trying to make a forward work correctly.

So the setup currently works when I goto http(s)://fqdn/gitlab, but I get a 404 if I try to goto http(s)://fqdn/

I am not by any means a proficient man when it comes to nginx, but rather good with Apache. I looked up how to do a forward and the section I added to “gitlab-http.conf” does nothing :

server {
listen *:443;
server_name https://fqdn/;
return 301 https://fqdn/gitlab;

Any ideas?

AFAIU, the behavior you describe is perfectly normal. There is no page at https://fqdn (thus 404), and 301 says that you must go to https://fqdn/gitlab.

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I understand that it may be normal, but I would like to setup said forwarding, and my nginx server section addition does not work as I hoped it would. Being a noob with nginx, I was hoping there was SOME way that would suffice. I know how to do this with Apache, but would prefer to stay as “stock” as humanly possible.


Hello, I’m not very clear, but do you want to redirect to http://host/ instead of http://host/gitlab ?, or do you want both to work?
Did you check external_url in the file /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb?

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I would like the //host to work as a redirect to the already (and apparently normal) functioning //host/gitlab


Oh forgot – the external url I did play with but I didnt see a change. As it sits right now its set to //host

For giggles, I decided to do a reconfigure per the docs, just in case brain damage was the issue here. It did not change things.