PTC windchill repository migration to Gitlab

I want to shift a repository from PTC windchill to Gitlab. How I can export or download a PTC repository with all history, checkpoint etc.

The PTC Windchill repository, I need this repo in Gitlab. I can create a Sandbox and upload it into Gitlab. I need the complet repo with checkpoints, history etc. How should I can do this, like we do it with Git

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Gitlab doesn’t have a native import feature for PTC Windchill. Assuming that an import could be done via URL, then you can try that.

We cannot help with how you export from PTC Windchill, so you would need to ask PTC how the data can be exported and imported to alternative GIT repositories. But maybe the URL option might work.

To do that, create new project in Gitlab, choose import projection option, click Repository by URL and then provide all the required data - URL, login, password and what project/repository name you would like to have under Gitlab.

Assuming PTC Windchill is a git repository in theory that should work. If it is not a GIT repository, then it’s unlikely to work.