Publishing in GitLab integration list

Hi, I typed a few times to support for circle… without an answer. My team would like to share information about our solution on the following pages:

I have successfully accessed my admin profile on the partner portal.

Reviewing the documents, which are available on the portal, including the kit, Solution Brief, and Master_Partner Solution Brief Template_July 2023, I noticed a requirement to provide an extensive description of my company and our product test management system,

However, I admitted that the similar descriptions of my competitors contain only a brief description with links???

I would greatly appreciate it if I could be directed to the appropriate contact person to clarify this matter.

Thank you! I look forward to resolving this issue and collaborating effectively to promote our solutions.

Hi, in which way I can know the status of my issue, about integrating my TMS with Gitlab?

It was created as 530 for @tsavage1 I added info a few times, and eventually, its page is 404 error as inactive. Let me be interested, Why?