Pulling private docker image suddenly fails on credentials

I am working on a full integration test scenario and everything was going fine. But after updating my “core” image i suddenly got credential errors while pulling a private service image.


Running with gitlab-runner 13.2.2 (xxxx)

[2](https://gitlab.com/xxxx-/jobs/1295189219#L2) on gitlab-runner-01 xxxx

[3](https://gitlab.com/xxxx/-/jobs/1295189219#L3)Preparing the "docker" executor

[4](https://gitlab.com/xxxx/-/jobs/1295189219#L4)Using Docker executor with image registry.gitlab.com/xxxx:latest ...

[5](https://gitlab.com/xxxx/-/jobs/1295189219#L5)Starting service registry.gitlab.com/xxxx/xxxx:latest ...

[6](https://gitlab.com/xxxx/-/jobs/1295189219#L6)Authenticating with credentials from /root/.docker/config.json

[7](https://gitlab.com/xxxx/-/jobs/1295189219#L7)Pulling docker image registry.gitlab.com/xxxx/xxxx:latest ...

[8](https://gitlab.com/xxxx/-/jobs/1295189219#L8)ERROR: Preparation failed: Error response from daemon: Get https://registry.gitlab.com/v2/xxxx/xxxx/manifests/latest: unauthorized: HTTP Basic: Access denied\nYou must use a personal access token with 'api' scope for Git over HTTP.\nYou can generate one at https://gitlab.com/-/profile/personal_access_tokens (docker.go:131:1s)


image: registry.gitlab.com/xxxx:latest

  - name: registry.gitlab.com/xxxx/xxxx:latest
    alias: xxxx
  - name: redis:alpine
    alias: redis
  - name: mysql:8.0.20
    alias: mysql_test

It fails on the first service.

I have reverted my changes to the images, but that didn’t change anything. And i saw online that there are Project Access Tokens, but i cant seem to find that option in the menu. I am maintainer in the project, but that shouldn’t be a problem. We are on Gitlab.com but im not sure which tier we are subscribed too.

So im at a loss here, how and why is this happening? And how can i fix this?

Thanks in advance for replying.

This is going to sound super dumb, but apparently my colleague turned on 2fa and his credentials where used by the runners. So… yea… This topic can be closed and i never want to talk about it again.