Puppet Error/Bug Triggered in rspec Test

rspec test fails when deploying pipeline:
Parameter enable failed on Service[nftables]: Provider redhat must have features ‘maskable’ to set ‘enable’ to ‘mask’

Apparently this is a bug in puppet - it is looking for a running version of systemd on the docker container.

Edited manifest to include the mitigation here:

Old mitigation was as follows:
if ($facts[‘os’][‘release’][‘major’] == ‘8’) {
# Mask conflicting firewall service
service { ‘nftables’:
enable => mask

New mitigation changed to :
if versioncmp($facts[‘operatingsystemmajrelease’], ‘8’) >= 0 {
# Mask conflicting firewall service
service { ‘nftables’:
ensure => ‘stopped’,
enable => ‘mask’,

Still getting the same error