Pushing to CPanel

I am trying to push to CPanel and seeing this error.

ssh:connect to host mydomain.com port 22: Connection timed out

When contacted the hosting provider they say,

We did a quick look to find out what the IP ranges GitLab uses and the only response we are seeing is that they use Google Cloud and that any GCP IP would be valid. That isn’t acceptable and they should know what their IP ranges currently are.

Please contact them and ask them to provide their IP Ranges in CIDR format. Once we have that I can add them.

Port 22 is not open in the firewall to everyone. We need the IP/IP Range to open in the firewall. Please obtain that from GitLab and we can add it. We cannot whitelist all of Google Cloud.

Any clue to sort this out?

Thank you.

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Was a solution ever discovered for this?