Question: RAM based storage for augmented namespaces

Hi all,

imagine that you have frequent access to certain storage assets for certain namespaces, alike container images, software packages or code bases. Is it possible to tell a self-hosted GitLab instance to use a separate storage path on a faster storage location only for these selected namespace? (without the need to host all bulk stuff in an expensive storage area)


Yes, it’s in the Gitlab docs if you search. For example:

those two links show how you can change the path for packages registry and container registry. You can do the same for the repositories as well. It’s all in the docs.

I doubt very much you can do RAM-based storage, but any other faster disk type access is possible very easily. I don’t see how RAM storage can be cheaper anyway, and will be far more limiting than say SSD or NVMe storage.

Hi, iwalker,

thanks for the links - my actual question has been, how to change storgage for subsets of paths.
Can’t see how it should be possible following the linked docs.

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Well subsets of packages or container registries, no. You can do it as per the docs which means you can separate the storage for repositories, containers and package registries, but not inside them.

By default everything is under /var/opt/gitlab, so you can make a subset of that if you like by separating out the repositories, container and package registries.