Question regarding GitLab FOSS

Been browsing source code after forking it and have question:

vendor/gitignore => why there are so many gitignore files (for CMS’s like Joomla etc)? What they are for?

Probably because Gitlab has some predefined templates for .gitignore files:

You can use them when you create a .gitignore file from the website

@rpadovani thanks but still dont get it. GitLab is developer-tool so what on earth is Joomla’s gitignore doing there?

In this way Gitlab can autofill for you the .gitignore file when you want to create a new one in your repository.

I made a screenshot: when I select I want to create a .gitignore file, Gitlab can create it for me, with already the content I need if I want to create a project for Joomla. In this way, when you start a new project, you can autocomplete your .gitignore based on the framework or on the language you want to use.