Questions regarding global hooks and omnibus installation

About a year and a half ago, I started developing a git hook, which I was testing on a gitlab omnibus install. Both then and now, I installed gitlab on ubuntu using the omnibus installation described here Download and install GitLab | GitLab and used this page as a reference on where gitlab reads its git hooks from Server hooks | GitLab with the intention of making this a global hook

I have recently picked this project back up and was recreating a dev server for it, and noticed that multiple things have changed. The most important things I noticed is that git repositories are now under an @hashed directory, with a hash as the end of their filepath, rather than their name and that the global hooks directory (described in the above article) is no longer there

I know there have been some changes to how git hooks are handled with the introduction of gitaly, but I’m having trouble getting a clear understanding of how I might set them. So my questions are, where can I place a pre-receive hook such that it will be run for all repositories and how might my hook know the name of the git repository it is running in, if it is not the filepath of the repository