Rake gitlab:ldap:check task source installation config issue

Hello I can not import users from LDAP on Docker instance from Docker. However LDAP connection is successful (also with other applications and ldapsearch), users are not imported.

As I wanted to debug the issue i discovered rake command. The problem with rake is config issue. Even though i manage finding rake binary among installation files and installing sudo on minimal docker image, I need to set the config of rake since I am also missing “gitlab:ldap:check” check. To be able to install this package I have to set the configuration and i couldn’t manage setting the correct config. I guess i need to give repository path but I don’t have it.

How can I make it?
Any help appreciated.

Follow up post… Any idea?

I was trying source installation pressuming that my installation was not omnibus but omnibus installation command worked well.

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:git:fsck

I also realised that I need to login through LDAP tab on login page to get the user created and managable by admin (root).