Randomness and chaos

hello there folks,

before you hit reply, how are you today?

first note/edit to mods (please forgive me): the links won’t work now! i deleted all links from this post (but left the reference where they were), because they lead to my site and i believe people didn’t bother to read before marking this post as spam. so, let me know if you’re interested and we try to convince a mod that i wasn’t spamming… :unamused: really sorry for venting here, i’ll probably edit this out later. the rest of the post of mostly unedited, as you can probably check yourself.

i’m quite well myself. i woke up with this dream and was inspired to find about gitlab openness and job application process, the “outbound” thing. i’ve registered as a user 6 years ago, and never gave it much credit, until now, still months after i knew i’ll move out of github.

anyway, just wanted to bring a topic i couldn’t find when searching for the keywords there (randomness and chaos) in here and on the duck.

it’s one of my favourite topics:

here there was a link to my site where i talk extensively about randomness, with 2 awesome video references. without this, the rest of this post will probably become meaningless, but i’ll just leave it for now…

how do you see the spaghetti monster?

would you agree we are undervaluing the chaos way too much, in society? specially in ai development?

i would personally love to see a project, any project, focused on shedding some science lights onto randomness! either the serendipity haven’t been fair with me there, or it simply doesn’t exist yet!!


again, how are you today? :grin:

I’m not a mod, but I have been a mod and an admin of a Linux forum for many years. You join the site 10 hours ago, you post something random with a load of links back to your website. Why do you think that is not spamming?

Where are your posts on this forum relating to gitlab? In your profile signature you have a link back to your site on why discourse sucks. This is a discourse forum, so, yeah hmm.

Of course, random topics are fine if it is engaging other people in the community to interact and join the conversation. Yours could have done that, unfortunately it was riddled with links back to your site, which considering your “very” short membership time here, and first post is basically just a promo with links to your site which is always done by spammers to try and generate more traffic.

Had your post been without links, it may have been considered differently. Something to think about :wink:

thanks for caring, @iwalker, and chiming in.

although you never mentioned how were you today! :sob:

it never crossed my mind it was spamming because i hate spam so i never do it. why do you think it’s spam? follow 2 arbitrary red flags and suddenly i have to prove myself innocent? what if i just copy & paste the specific text from my website there, that would make it not spam? i don’t track, that’s easy to tell. i don’t even ever gained anything on the website. but even if i did, were the links so out of place? isn’t it normal to use links for content? why 1 link to my website would be fine, but 5 links to the same website isn’t?

it’s really just as you said: it didn’t please the eyes of those who are used to see what makes the group happy. and they were probably right, because now that’s here and just slightly modified, it must have been uninteresting to people so far. if anyone else was around in just 8h.

as for my first post it’s there, very related to gitlab, from what i could tell, about the 5k run. oddly enough, the first comment on the pinned topic. not many people use this forum, i guess.

but that’s another big reason why discourse sucks…

it promotes inhuman behaviours like that. in the name of “civilization” or whatever.

fighting spam, scams, and such isn’t easy, but there are better ways! there’s always a better way when something isn’t good…

well, anyway, this is me. i’m uncommon in many ways. and that is my "crazy* intro. this is a place for introductions, is it not?

i also introduced myself a lot on my website, that’s mostly why it even exists.

simple math.

and for the “post without links”, the post is already without links now and it was already not removed. we sure agreed on that (flawed) logic on how this works (perhaps except the flawed part).

i guess at some subconscious level i was hoping gitlab would be very different… at least it does seem to accept more than 2 links from a first post, which probably is still the default setting on discourse. so, it’s a bit different…

i’ll just give it more time and see how it goes.

now, seriously, care to tell me how you were doing today (before getting into this mess)? :grin::kissing_heart:

Hi again, and in answer to your question, I was fine yesterday, just as I am today :slight_smile:

I did already explain in my previous post. You registered on a Gitlab forum (could be any forum, Linux, Windows, whichever), and then your first post has a load of links self-promoting your website. You say your post was relevant to Gitlab, but there is nothing in your post about that. All you mentioned was that you registered on Gitlab 6 years ago, but yet it seems you aren’t using it. Your website has links to your github profile and repos, and yet no gitlab links - and your github account is very active it seems. So I guess it means you aren’t using Gitlab, but yet you post here on a Gitlab forum?

You may wish to read this link:

in particular the section on “Common mistakes” and especially “Obvious self-promotion”. Why is it OK for me to post the link above? Because it’s relevant to this discussion, I am not self-promoting, it’s providing information as to forum etiquette. People are savvy and see such posts as spam and mark them accordingly. It was something that your post fell foul of. As well as the lack of your posts about gitlab, your experiences using it, helping other users with their problems, posting about problems you experience with gitlab. Where are they? They don’t exist, only your self-promotion post.

Well, actually you do gain something by doing that. Otherwise, people wouldn’t self-promote themselves be it a business, or personal blog like yours. Potentially means people will click your links and visit the site, but rather, it’s more to do with positioning. Linking your blog to other sites means search engines will find it and think it’s more relevant and position it higher in their results. It increases exposure by forcing search engines to index your site, than what you should do is use SEO tools and submit your site to Google or whoever yourself. The more traffic you direct to your site, means you could then place adverts on your site and then start to earn money from it. Whether you have ads now is irrelevant, but that possibility is there, and means you do gain something from it, with or without adverts. Your links weren’t relevant anyway to the discussion, you were just posting ramblings with links to your website to get people to read more about it. Links that add value to are a discussion are like my example above.

That is nothing to do with Discourse or any other forum software for that matter. They don’t promote anything. Forums are places for discussion, and when you adhere to the rules, there is no such situation. So that point is incorrect.

No, it’s self-promotion. Introducing yourself and saying something about you, what you do for a living, in your spare time, what you do with Gitlab, or whatever, is introducing yourself. Not a post with links back to your site. That in forum etiquette terms is “self-promotion”. This site exists for Gitlab users, and the problems they may encounter, helping other gitlab users, not for self-promotion :wink:

Gitlab is different, it’s only your perception because your post was flagged as spam for breaking forum etiquette rules on self-promotion.

Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

i think my defense was already presented (if the reader wants to go through the links) and clear enough (although not as eloquent as your writing) plus you brought nothing really new to that offtopic annoying discussion (imho). i hope you can give your own reasoning to agree on letting this aside.

other than this, i only wanted to point that coming up with “i’m fine” did not answer my question. and i’ll just leave it at that.

to move this forward, here’s another (probably) not so random point that may look like completely arbitrary to most: •

come to think again, i guess this point won’t move anything forward! :rofl: