Reading maven artifacts from local builds, by using Deploy token

I use local runners for my CI/CD, it works fine with the deploy token declared inside maven settings.xml. The runner can also read other maven artifacts from GitLab package repository.
(To exclude docker topics, I use ‘shell’ executor on linux, works also fine)

But I have a local development environment, where I have projects which have maven dependencies to
artifacts hosted inside Gitlab package registry.

Since the situation is the same as for the local runners, I also use a Deploy Token inside my locally loaded settings.xml (concrete inside IntellJ IDEA).

The maven builds, triggered by IDEA do not find the artifacts stored inside the group package repository.
Caused by: org.eclipse.aether.transfer.ArtifactNotFoundException:

  1. local settings is:




  2. project pom.xml:


  3. Deploy Token is created and valid on group level with all permissions

I have no idea why it does not find the artifacts.
Why does it work with local runners, but not with my IDEA (same settings)?