Reconfiguring gitlab without using gitlab-ctl reconfigure

I’m trying to optimise Gitlab’s initial installation but gitlab-ctl reconfigure takes a lot longer than I expected.


  • Have a pre-configured Gitlab VM. On boot, change the URL to match the public facing URL.

Current Steps:

  • Update /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb
  • Run gitlab-ctl reconfigure
  • This takes between 30 seconds and 4 minutes to complete.

Improved way?

  • From the Chef output, it looks like it’s only updating files. As this is just for testing purposes it’s all about speed more than the “correct way”.
  • By changing the public URL, I’ve identified only a few files that need changing.
  • The files that change look to be:
    - Run gitctl-ctl restart nginx
    - This completes within a few seconds and Gitlab can load.

- When I just change the nginx and gitlab.yml file, the dashboard URLs do not change. Are they cached? If so, what needs to be restarted? I’ve tried restarting unicorn but that doesn’t help.


  • How can I fix the problem to update the URL without having to run gitlab-ctl reconfigure ?

Hi there! We are trying to solve an issue with gitlab-ctl reconfigure. Did you make any progress on the task here? And if yes, could you tell us how did you accomplish that?