Recovering a 2fa locked out account

i know there has been a ton of words wasted i topics like this: I lost my TOTP key and recovery code

and the blog post from here: GitLab Support is no longer processing MFA resets for free users | GitLab

but i have lost my device and access. and dont have the recovery codes. I have made a new account with a different email but want to get access back.

is there anyway to activate support temporarily to get a reset? this seems like such an unwarranted slap in the face to free customers

You can create a group and add your locked user into it. Buy a subscription for that group and create support ticket. You can also create support ticket on the Free tier, but the response will take much longer.

By the way, if you had SSH Key added to that account, you can use it to retrieve new backup codes. I think that’s easy and fair even for Free tier.

wow, just saw the sub price, $350 usd for the year…

i just submitted a support ticket. and after filling it out i definitely feel like i have already done that before.

hopefully they get to it this time…

ya i definitely did this already. i just got an immediate response saying they dont support free tier.

not sure what else to do :frowning: