Redirecting free personnal project to group project after OSS application


I have an opensource project (one main repo + some small others) currently hosted on the free tier (in my personal group). I am considering requiring a Gitlab for Open Source licence to avoid hitting package size limits and begin using gitlab instead of github to host releases with the 2 x >50M artefacts associated to each release.

If I understand correctly, this will mean creating a group and moving the opensource projects to this group.

But as they are currently hosted on my personnal namespace, there are many publications/web sites that point to the project url using my own namespace.

So my question is: is it possible to setup some kind of redirection from the personalmespace/project to the newgroup/project ?

Other question: will the URIs of the already existing maven artifacts persist or will it change ?

I also did not find the current limits on generic package size in free vs opensource tier.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Gilles,

Thanks for reaching out, and for your great questions.

That’s correct!

I personally do not know of any way to do this. But I will tap my colleagues @a.conrad and @leetickett-gitlab in case they know of something!

Program members receive a GitLab Ultimate subscription. To determine applicable storage and transfer quotas, you can simply reference the documentation for GitLab Ultimate.

I hope that’s initially helpful to you!