Redirecting to

I have a Gitlab instance which was set up using the official install script which uses the built in Nginx configuration. I have successfully gotten “Let’s Encrypt” to work on however when I add www ( to the domain I get an ssl error.

I could ask “Let’s Encrypt” to generate a new cert to include a sub domain like www or a wildcard however I would rather just not even bother having “www” at all. I am asking here since Gitlab is using it’s own instance of Nginx so I presume any settings can be done via the main Gitlab config file.

Is there something in the main Gitlab config file or do I need to edit a line via the built-in Nginx? Also, whatever the case may be, how would go about this technically speaking? This is my first Gitlab install and I am not as familar with Nginx as I am with Apache2.x so help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

P.S I am loving my Gitlab install and my friends love it too! Thanks to anyone who contributes to the project.

@silvernode Let’s Encrypt does not allow for wildcard certificates. You’ll have to add a subdomain to the that includes www - I had to do this for a domain I purchased this year from GoDaddy. The process itself is pretty simple and should allow for that certificate to work with the sub-domain as well. Where did you purchase domain name from?