Registering multiple runners using a single helm charts deployment


I am trying to use multiple runners from a single helm charts deployment (using multiple runners section for the config.toml section of the values.yaml file of the Chart.
The runners are actually created. I can see them from the gitlab website. But they cannot connect/registry.

What I have tried

For the tests I have tried some scenarios:

  • Create two runners token from a single registration token using the REST API

I have tried to add these tokens to the runner section as:

  token = "xxxxxxx"
  token = "yyyyyyy"

The pod cannot start due to trying to find a k8s secret
and I have kept commented out both fields for the registration and runner tokens

  • Create a registration token and pass in the values.yaml

This option create the runners but they are unregistered.

  • Specify registrationToken and use the runners token created in the config.toml

Create multiple unregistered runners