Registration of GitLab Runner with helm installation to

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GitLab Runner installed using Helm does not show up in Specific runners in Setting → CI/CD → Runners in Project. Do I need to configure something else?

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I installed the GitLab runner on an existing AWS EKS cluster using Helm. gitlabUrl and runnerRegistrationToke are already configured.

Reference: GitLab Runner Helm Chart | GitLab

It is my understanding that Helm installation does not require a separate registration for GitLab Runner, is that correct?

I understand that the steps in the following site are not required for Helm installation.

The following issues have been resolved.

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Changed the configuration file used by helm installation to the following minimum configuration file

runnerRegistrationToken: "76xWWeTp2XXXXXXXXXXX"

- Before

I was using the official "values.yaml" with the above parameters modified.


- Info

gitlab runner version: 0.28.0

I have this configuration in values.yaml, but it still does not show up as a registered runner. It even says it should be registered in my terminal after I install it.