Regular user can't create private project

Hi, I have this problem when I try to create a new private project, I got this error message:

"The form contains the following error:

Visibility level private has been restricted by your GitLab administrator"

Anyone knows in wich file I could find the line to configure this so my regular users can create a private project.



It’s done! I found where I can change the settings to unrestric the private visibility level to regular users.

Where did you find it? Would you please provide further instructions on what you did?


Hello, try this “admin/users/user1/edit”

check “can create group”

do not forget to change user1 for your user

I’m running GitLab 10.6.0 and I don’t have that option under user edition screen (but I’ve enabled “Can Create Group” to all users in my instance and even so, they can’t create project.