"Remove Fork Relationship" once public project merge request accepted, to allow new fork?

I’m contributing to a public project, so as branching functionality isn’t available to me (I’m using the Web UI), I forked the project, updated the required files, and finally submitted a merge request, which was accepted.

The main (public) project has moved on since then, and now I want to repeat the procedure, to submit some new changes, but now I’m just being redirected to my now out-of-date fork project (Fork button on the public project has caption “Go to your fork”).

As my changes have been merged into the master project, can I safely select the “Remove Fork Relationship” for my project, which would then allow me to do another new fork / project?

I did try clicking the button, assuming it might provide further information, but I didn’t like when it said “This action can lead to data loss.”.

Well, as I hadn’t heard anything, I took the plunge and went ahead with the “Remove Fork Relationship”, which was looking good, because as I hoped, I was able to fork the public project again, except now I’m getting a 409 error when I submit the fork project request, where it says “An error occurred while forking the project. Please try again.”.

The only weird thing I noticed was that for the Project URL selector it just gives me the option to select my display name for the namespace (following https://gitlab.com/), as opposed to my username, which is different, and the value it has for the associated select tag is “[object Object]”, but that might not be an issue, depending on the implementation. I did try changing my display name to my user name, but that didn’t help.

Apparently it’s missing the client verification code for at least the project title field, as on removing the text “, and Server Delete Fix” (without quotes), it forked just fine. I then tried to amend the title, to re-add the text, and found that you can’t use a comma in the title.