Remove installed Kubernetes/Ingress application at GitLab

I have a running Kubernetes (onPrem) integration in my GitLab (onPrem). I’ve installed Helm and then Gitlab-Runner and later Ingress over the Gitlab/Kubernetes dialog.

Due to some issues with my Kubernetes Cluster, I do not get an Endpoint for Ingress and therefore this integration is not useful for me.

In result, I’d like to uninstall Ingress integration but I can’t. There is just an inactive “Installed” button but not an “Uninstall” button at the end. Maybe it is because due to the wheel of dead when searching for an Ingress Endpoint? I don’t know.

In the meantine I’ve deleted Ingress deployment and service (namespace gitlab-managed-apps) directly inside the K8s cluster via kubectl.

Nevertheless Gitlab still “thinks” Ingress is installed.

Question: What is the best way to uninstall Ingress from Gitlab/Kubernetes and remove an orphaned installation.

Side note: I’ve already done “Clear cluster cache”

Thanks for helping me out!!!