Remove $RUNNER_TOKEN_KEY & $CONCURRENT_ID from build absolute path

Copied from: Best practices | GitLab

GitLab Runner uses the Builds Directory for all the jobs that it runs, but nests them using a specific pattern {builds_dir}/$RUNNER_TOKEN_KEY/$CONCURRENT_ID/$NAMESPACE/$PROJECT_NAME . For example: /builds/2mn-ncv-/0/user/playground .

Is there a way that I can set up the runner so that the $RUNNER_TOKEN_KEY & $CONCURRENT_ID variable values are not included in the absolute path for the build_dir?? Setting the builds_dir value in the config.toml only specifies the {build_dir} portion of the path above.

Why ask?? Our application is written in C++ and we use CMAKE & CXXTEST to build and test the application. Our issue is that CMAKE & CXXTEST write the absolute paths into the configuration files needed during the make and ctest executions. If the $RUNNER_TOKEN_KEY & $CONCURRENT_ID are part of the absolute path then all of the process for building and testing have to execute on the same runner. Right now we are achieving that by using tags but when I do that the other 3 runners we have set up are worthless as everything queues to the runner in the tag.