Removing Kubernetes Cluster Failed

A created kubernetes cluster is not being removed from my group after selecting remove integration and resources

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Welcome to the forum @brytstream!

Have you seen this documentation regarding removing kubernetes clusters?

I noticed the docs say that you need Maintainer permissions and above to remove a Kubernetes cluster integration. Do you have the right permissions on the project you’re working with?

Hi @brytstream! In addition to what @slee24 shared - I’ve run into this multiple times myself with cluster integrations. When you want to remove the resources - GitLab asks the Kubernetes API to remove the objects created in the namespace, as well as the gitlab-managed-apps namespace itself - and that can take Kubernetes quite some time to do - and if things fail (sometimes the namespaces can get stuck in terminating for example) - there’s no good indication of why.

We’ve got a couple of open issues here - one on providing more information about the removal progress and another where things can fail if the cluster is not reachable

Both of which may be something you are running into as well. If you’ve cleaned up the cluster or removed it yourself already - you can just click “remove integration” and remove it from the GitLab groups’ cluster integration - otherwise, give it a bit to remove the resources - that may be something you’ll also want to check the progress of with kubectl or k9s or another kubernetes dashboard.