Rename project cannot find npm packages

Organization rename causes NPM packages to be not found

Is there a lnk between npm scopes and organization?

  • *I had to rename my companies organization/group to reflect a company name change. When attempting the change I was told I could not rename an org containing packages. I removed the npm packages in the org and proceeded with the name change. (I kept backups of versions we needed.)

  • *The CI process for the npm lib still publishes as expected without any changes because the projectId and scope are still the same

  • *But I’m not able to pull the published library from the gitlag repository.

  • *Am I right guessing that internally my scope and old organization name are linked?

  • *Do I need to update the scope of the npm lib to be able to pull the package?

  • *Everything is running on the free tier on the hosted solution;