Repo Deletion Stuck - Tag Permissions Error

I’m getting a message that the repo hasn’t finished deleting when trying to recreate a repo in gitlab-ce 9.4.5.
During the initial delete i received an error message about Tag privileges, but wasn’t smart enough to take snapshot of it.
I did set the permissions on Tags to Master in the repo at one point, and apparently the delete process wasn’t expecting that.
I have one cancelled job in the pipeline for the project as well, which might also be the culprit.

I’ve manually removed the wiki and issues repos associated with the stuck code repo.

Suggestions? I’m thinking the problem is with data in the postresql database, but not sure how to proceed to clean it up.
I expect that there are gitlab-rake commands that would repair the databse, but unfortunately I’m a bit lost at this level.
Would anyone suggest some reading or search topics that might help?
Thanks - Gregg