Repo missing after importing gitlab instance

I just recently migrated from gitlab omnibus to kubernetes using the instructions here Migration guides for the GitLab Helm chart | GitLab

Everything seems to migrate OK, except today a user told me that the repo was missing for a project.
Sure enough GitLab shows “No repository” and if I connect to the gitaly container there is no directory for this project.

I extracted the original backup that I used for the migration, and the project.bundle file is there, but for whatever reason it didn’t import.
In the backup, I did find it interesting that all other projects had an empty directory with the same name, but not this one.

My questions are, how can I determine what went wrong?
And 2nd, how can I import this project from the omnibus instance backup?

In determining the cause I found that I am having the same issue as this person reported a year ago here

If I try to clone the backed up .bundle file, I get the following errors:

Cloning into 'myrepo'...
fatal: early EOFs:  87% (24503/28109), 1.19 GiB | 77.29 MiB/s   
error: index-pack died
fatal: bad object 183fc7f9bc0e742b581a27fd264f844dfce6486b
fatal: remote did not send all necessary objects

This is my only backup, so not sure what the best route is now.

I was able to recover by copying the .git directory from the drive of the original omnibus install, transfer it to the /home/git/repositories/ path on the gitlab-gitaly-0 pod.
GitLab automatically saw it and it now shows up via the web interface as well.

Seems to be GitLab created a partially corrupt backup causing all these problems.