Reporting issues using email

What is the simplest way to set up allowing issue reporting by email for a project? I have looked through the documentation and searched the web some, but cannot find anything really useful. We have a gitlab instance at work, and currently use it’s issue tracker - Can this be used to allow issue reporting using email, or should I set up a mantis bug tracker or something similar and integrate it into our gitlab install, and use this (I have seen that email issue reporting should work with a setup like this).

I don’t think GitLab has an email parser to create issues automatically … at least it’s not referenced in it’s features…

This was logged as a feature request and looks like some partial version of it was implemented, but did not work, and was disabled pending MR !5914

It was logged here: [closed, not implemented in 8.12]

There may be some merge requests in flight that are building some of the infrastructure that Gitlab needs to be able to really support this feature in the future.

If I find out more, I’ll come back and post here what’s up. Doesn’t look like this feature exists as of today (Oct 2016) but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change.

When this MR !5914 reaches Gitlab-CE, the email feature could get re-enabled. I’m not a Gitlab employee this is just an unconfirmed bit of friendly speculation from me, take that for what it’s worth: