Repos are empty

I have nearly 15 repos in my gitlab and every repo had a code for different project. Suddenly from this monday I am seeing all the repos are empty. I see no code files uploaded in the repos. Any idea what could have caused this issue? and any logs that could help me dive deeper? There were no system changes.

Are you running a version of GitLab that is vulnerable to CVE-2021-22205? CVE-2021-22205: How to determine if a self-managed instance has been impacted

If so, it’s possible that your server was compromised by a malicious actor.

Do you have a recent backup of your GitLab data? If so, I suggest restoring from backup.

If you find that your GitLab instance/server was compromised, you might find these posts helpful:

Thank you.
Is there any way to recover the repositories that were deleted?

The best way to recover data (eg. repositories) that were encrypted by ransomware is to restore from backup.

If that’s not an option, the repository data can be recovered by pushing a local clone to a new project and using that as the upstream. The downside to this is that there will be data loss.