Repositories are empty all of a sudden

Hi everyone,

Several of my Gitlab repositories seem to be empty suddenly. The repository page itself is available, but none of files is shown. Not even the README file. The number of commits however is shown, as well as branches, tags, files and storage. But if you click any of these links you get a 404 error. When you click branches, an error message shows: " Unable to load branches. The git server, Gitaly, is not available at this time. Please contact your administrator." The area that normally shows the comment of the latest commit, now reads “authored just now”. And finally, cloning a repository also fails.

Only some repositories seem to be affected, not all. This one for instance is: naturalis / BII / NBDS / nba_json_schemas · GitLab

Does anyone experience the same problem? Or has anyone experienced this before? I’d really like to know what is going wrong here.

Thanks for any help or advice,