Repositorys exist but are empty after Update from 15.9.3

I wanted to Update my Docker Version of Gitlab and I did from 15.9.3 to 15.9.11 to 16.1.2 to 16.2.3.

This went well but I did not checked the Repositorys in Detail after each step. In the end the repositorys are listet but empty.

I reinstalled the 15.9.3 and loaded the backup but the reps are still empty.

I also loaded a backup of the folders and tryed to run it but still empty. The Backup show the repositoys inside a @hashed folder.

Is there a solution to recover the data?

I am running Gitlab in Docker on a Synology 220+ DSM 7.2

After gitlab14, afte update ,you need check the two point, because the db was changed.
1、 update gitlab instance。
2、 background migration,admin–monitor–background Migrations, if there are active job。
In current condition, do you have a snapshot for the gitlab instance? backup have 2 files. one is configure ,the other is data . you need restore them two of all

yes i have snapshots 4 of each day + Gitlab Backups from every day. Thats why I wonder why i am not able to restore the data.

The result ist alwas the same if i try to restore the backup or if I load a snapshot and run gitlab.

Everything is restored accept the repositorys. The project history of every project is correct, its just the repository that says:

The repository for this project does not exist.
This means you can not push code until you create an empty repository or import existing one.

Maybe you need the snapshot for 15.9.3, and update one by one again?
Is it a os snapshot ?

Yes its a Hyper Backup Snapshot from Synology DSM.

The Problem is that also the snapshots ist not showing the repos. Thats why i am so confused. Otherwise would not be a big problem.

I still have a Backup from a 13.12.2 Version (Feb 2023). Maybe I can try to restore this. What’s the smartest way to restore it?