Request someone record video of install, from formatted drive, please indicate how much payment desired

(admin: note, please remove if this interferes with your new fee/level subscription model - if removed, please indicate how much this type of video would cost if I paid you - the admins)

As I wrote in my post title, I would like to pay a linux knowledgable person, to take a newly formatted computer, and install:

  1. linux (which ever version is now considered the most secure and least ‘woke‘ vulnerable in the near future.
  2. gab (obviously the most resent version), this is a stand alone mini pc hooked up to the internet via ethernet cable, to the home modem.
  3. the necessary steps to have this gab server being able to be found via a browser.

I do have some command line experience, as well as some programming experience (basic web html and css, word press).

I am willing to pay multiple different people to do this, as each person may approach this differently, or have a different style of presentation. I know a knowledgable person deserves a reasonable fee for the time to record the video, and having the knowledge of knowing how to do the above 3 steps.

I am also willing to pay for future videos of how to update.