Hello, I am using GitLab CE (16.7.0). I have read about Requirements here:

In the steps it says these should be under Plan but cannot find them. At the top it says they have been migrated under Issues (although Requirements do not necessarily mean they are Issues…) but cannot find them there either.

Anyone know how to access Requirements?


I believe Requirements is a feature for Ultimate customers only (there is Ultimate sign next to it).

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Hi paula.kokic, thank you for your reply. I did see the Ultimate sign but next to it there is also has another sign saying and All Offerings. When I hover on All Offerings It said “Self Managed and SAAS”. I though Self Managed referred to GitLab CE. Does self managed refer to something else?

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So, here’s the thing. First sign is about price tier (Community, Premium, Ultimate). Second sign is about installation/usage (how they call it - offering) type (Self-Managed, SaaS). To both Self Managed and SaaS apply same price tiers. So, in total you have 6 possible combinations :smiley: (e.g. I have Self-Managed Premium)

Most features are available for both SaaS and Self-Managed, and mostly depend on your price tier. However, in some rare cases there are features that depend on the offering (e.g. admin stuff for Self-Managed).

Hope I explained it well :sweat_smile:


In addition to what Paula mentions, in this instance, with something that mentioned Premium/Ultimate, you need Gitlab-EE installed. This is because a subscription cannot be added to Gitlab-CE.

Self-managed can relate to either Gitlab-CE or Gitlab-EE, at least until it relates to paid subscriptions shown in the bubble.


Thanks paula.kokic and iwalker. I understand now. I assumed self-managed covered CE (my mistake). So in summary this feature is only in EE (where Ultimate subscription applies). Thank you all for the help :slight_smile: