Rerun multiproject pipeline refering to the latest commit

I have a multiproject pipeline:
Project A:

- build
- test

  stage: build
  some long building job setup

release testing:
  stage: test
  allow_failure: false
    - /^\d+\.\d+\.\d+$/
  when: on_success
    project: projectB
    branch: release
    strategy: depend

Project B:

  stage: test

Whenever a new release is rolled out on project A we trigger multiproject pipeline to test it automatically. Once we see the fails (due to the changes in project A) we want to update the tests in project B and commit them to release branch. Then we want to retrigger ‘release testing’ pipleine multiproject pipeline to verify the test changes are correct.

But we have a problem here. Once the multiproject pipeline is triggered it ties to a specific commit in project B. And if you click rerun on the Downstrem job of project A it will still run against the same commit in project B. Is there a way to pick the latest commit of the target branch once you rerun the job? Or is the only way to do it to retrigger the whole project A pipeline?